What can I expect from my session?

From our first chat about your session, to posing, to viewing your final images you can expect to be coached through the entire process in a professional and respectful manner. Please note: "respectful and professional" does not mean boring, stiff, and stodgy. We're gonna have fun!

I'd love to do a session but shouldn't I get in better shape first?

Listen up, girls. Curves are beautiful and we LOVE to photograph them! You are totally gorgeous right NOW.  The time to love yourself is NOW. The time to celebrate yourself is NOW. Your beauty has nothing to do with your jeans size. You're beautiful because you're you....that's it....period.  If you really feel that you need to lose some weight or tone up a bit before your session, schedule it a few months out and let it be your motivation and your celebration for reaching your goal.

I don't know how to pose. Will you help me with that?

 Absolutely!  As your boudoir photographer it's my job to coach you through poses that will flatter your body type and showcase all of the things that you love about yourself.

Do I have to be nude?

Nope. You are totally in control of the amount of skin that you show.  What you wear, or don't wear, is totally up to you. Boudoir does not have to be all nude, or implied nudity, or even all lingerie shots.  You can be totally sexy in a pretty dress or even your favorite jeans! We will discuss your comfort level and style your session accordingly.

Where will my session take place?

Your session will take place in a comfortable environment. Your home, a luxury hotel room or a friends house, for example.

Will my pictures be published on your website/blog?

That's entirely up to you.  If you're comfortable with a few images from your session being shown, great. But if you prefer that they remain your little secret, that's great too.

How do I book a session?

Just drop me an email at and we'll get you hooked up. I look forward to meeting you!!

Standard Session Fee: $200

Rather than forcing you into a predetermined portrait collection that may not fit your needs, we are pleased to offer you the flexibility of purchasing your prints a la carte. Print prices start at $60. We also offer high-resolution digital image files for a lifetime of printing or archiving. The average investment ranges from $800 - $3000 -- a budget which will allow you to purchase your one-of-a-kind session album, beautiful wall portraits and gift prints that will be forever cherished.