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    Hi there!  My name is Jeanmarie and I'm the chick rockin' the camera here at Mathewson Photography. I'm going to use this space to post about things both photo-related and personal. My goal is for you to learn about me as a photographer and a person. Take a look around...I hope you enjoy it!

Elizabeth | South Lyon

Hey Internet, meet Lizzi. This girl is a real life super hero. Know what she did? She kicked the *#@! out of Hodgkins Lymphoma. No, really….she did. Her last day of chemo was 3/31. Look at her….isn’t she amazing!? Like, out of this world frigging amazing!? Ya know what else is really cool? Aside from her […]

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Faith | South Lyon

Just a quick post of the ever-so-lovely Faith from a fun styled shoot. More to come from this one….. Flower headband made by Jenna Sands Shoot styled by Jenna Sands

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Haley | South Lyon High School

I was so excited to photograph this amazing girl. She’s so warm and kind….and a bit quirky, too. 🙂  We had a great time exploring our location and had a really nice evening….in spite of the crazy storms we drove through on the way there!  

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Jenna + Tino | Viceroy Miami

Oh my gosh, people. These two! And this wedding! And their friends and family! I kinda don’t even know what to say. Ya know that saying ‘like attracts like’? Yep…that. Really, I think that’s the whole thing. You have these two super amazing incredible people and they are surrounded by other super amazing incredible people….and […]

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Sneak Peek | Bloomfield Hills MI Photographer

A quick sneak peek for a super wonderful and patient family! 🙂

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