Elizabeth | South Lyon

Hey Internet, meet Lizzi. This girl is a real life super hero. Know what she did? She kicked the *#@! out of Hodgkins Lymphoma. No, really….she did. Her last day of chemo was 3/31. Look at her….isn’t she amazing!? Like, out of this world frigging amazing!? Ya know what else is really cool? Aside from her extraordinary survivor powers she has all of this other really great stuff. She’s kindhearted, straightforward, and down to earth. She has this magnificent sparkle in her eyes, she’s a dancer, and she’s wicked clever. I was chatting with one of her friends tonight and this is what she had to say about Lizzi… “She has this outlook on life that’s innocent and yet ready for anything… She has an adorable laugh and there’s something so lovable about her. She’s willing to just take people as they are and make them a friend.”  So there you have it, internet. Aren’t you feeling lucky to have met her? I know I am. Elizabeth had to do the hard work. The REALLY hard work. Like, work that was so hard we can’t even fathom the level of difficulty.  But every single one of us that has the privilege of knowing her got to experience a bit of the hope and, finally, the triumph and for that we are deeply thankful.


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